Joe Gage movie "Dad gets into trouble

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Joe Gage movie "Dad gets into trouble
in Brazil
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This movie is just OK. His new porn is nowhere near as good as his old porn from the 70s and early 80s is. There's too many twinks in his new porns, they're way too long, and sometimes they get bogged down with silly stories and bad lighting and music. Joe Gage/Tim Kincaid fancies himself a film director/writer but he's a porn director and a deeply closeted bisexual man. For one of his modern day porns he really just stole the whole plot and dialog word for word for one porn movie "Dad goes on a fishing trip" from a person who wrote a fictional story, and put it online, and then Joe/Tim pays off the guy with DVDs of his porn as though that's supposed to be compensation for stealing someone else's work and plagiarism. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/16/13
Joe Gage movie "Dad gets into trouble"
I've never been so excited to see a porn movie,
but when is director joe gage I go crazy!
I hope everyone like it! - mario lopes , posted 06/27/13
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